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Artisanal Charcuterie

While we love all things local, “local” in Manhattan generally means from somewhere in the northeastern United States. Sadly unavoidable, Manhattan is not exactly dotted with small farms and dairies (at least not recently). Even when something is produced in New York City, it’s generally from one of the outer boroughs. Milano’s is a product that is actually crafted right here in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District and is the handiwork of the salumi experts at Milano’s.

Our salumi has been handcrafted in Italy, dating back six generations to the early 1800’s. The Milano family had a provisions business traveling throughout Italy collecting different ingredients and spices. In 1903 my grandfather traveled to America with hopes of continuing to make the salumi. Over one hundred years later, the Milano family tradition of making salumi is still carried out today right here in the center of Manhattan’s Meat Packing District.

What sets Milano’s apart is the quality of the salumi itself. We use 100% all natural Duroc pork sourced from family owned farms, which is vegetable fed, with no growth hormones or antibiotics added. We also use the finest spices such as Mediterranean sea salt, peppercorn, fennel, and Calabrian chili peppers. However what really sets Milano’s apart is the skill, passion, and palate of the craftsmen. The ability to tell when something tastes the way you want it is paramount, but the drive put into the work it takes to get there is no less essential. Therefore Milano’s has the benefit of hundreds of years of accumulated salumi experience. Buon Appetito!


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